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Rate vary by the size of the dog, type of coat, and procedures done. Every grooming includes a full bath, cleaned ears, clipped nails, and cleared glands.
A superb haircut is extra. ( See prices below.)

We also offer teeth cleaning without sedation for
an additional $25.

Reiki treatments for animals who suffer from
car sickness, pain, inflammation, arthritis, etc.
is also offered.
Ask for details!

(401) 644- 4013


Small, short-coated dogs (minpins, chihuahuas) up to 25 lbs. = $50.00;
small long-coated dogs requiring
a cut = $65.00

Medium short-coated, bath-only dogs (labradors, bulldogs)
25-50 lbs. = $65.00 to $75.00;
medium long-coated dogs, bath only (shetland sheepdogs) $75; requiring cut (poodles) $75.00 and up,
please ask for estimate.

Large dogs 50 lbs and over (collies, shepherds) = $95.00 and up depending on condition of coat and weight of dog, and if a cut is required (standard poodle).
Please ask for estimate.








Your groomers: Christine Murdocco and Candace Grande with two satisfied customers.