References and Testimonials

Schekee looks ready for the Christmas ball!


I've known Chris since for over 20 years. I trust her completely and she does a fabulous job!

-Maryann Papa, Cranston, RI


Rascal knows! (or should that be "nose"?)

Chris and Candace of Adorable Pets have been grooming Rascal,our 10 year old Chocolate Labrador with hip dysplasia,for 3 or 4 years.They are very gentle with Rascal and he looks forward to seeing them every 8 weeks. Chrissy and Candice do an awesome job and we highly recommend them.

-Cara & Kevin Carter Burrillville, R.I,

Rascal in his Christmas bow!
Max doesn't look nervous at all!

Chris and Candace of Adorable Pets groom Max, our 7 year old Chocolate Labrador, who suffers from severe anxiety and does not look forward to being groomed. It amazes us that they are able to relax Max enough to get him into their grooming trailer. He goes in Nervous Max and comes out Max-a-Million prancing around proudly for days looking like a show dog!

-Cara & Kevin Carter Burrillville, R.I.


"Chris and Candace have been grooming my dogs for over two years.
They love her and they look beautiful. I trust her completely."

--Carol Lyons Sholly, Foster, RI


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